David Koresh: Leader of Waco

He created a goon sqaud that he called 'mighty men'. Koresh then claimed that he was not only the only one allowed to have as many 'wives' as he wanted, but also the only one who could have a wife. He eventually 'married' as many as 19 cult women and fathered at least 12 of their children. In 1990 he legally changed his name to David Koresh (a combination of King 'David' and the Hebrew name for Cyrus the Great). Koresh had now become an absolute dictator. While his disciples worked on the farm in the sweltering heat he stayed airconditioned indoors. He even changed the name of the commune to Ranch Apocalypse. Koresh gradually began building an aresenal at the Ranch.

He was born as Vernon Wayne Howell in Houston, Texas. His mother was a 14 year old. His father was a Twenty year old carpenter. He never met his father. When his father left, he was then raised by a harsh step father. When he was 12, he was diagnosed with Dyslexia. He then moved to Waco, Texas in 1981. Then he changed his name to David Koresh so it was a modern day name.

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