Oklahoma City Bombing

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April 19, 1995 at 9:02 am, a bomb exploded outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols planned this terrible Domestic terrorist threat. As you can see it destroyed so much of the building. Early in the morning Tim planted a bomb in a rental truck and parked it out front the building. This truck had a 4,000 pound fertilizer bag in it which was mixed with fuel to make a bomb. He lit the bomb and in seconds this 9 story building fell apart. Many people in the area could hear the bomb but people even said from 20 miles away they could hear the explosion. He killed 168 people, ages ranged from 3 to 73. About an hour after this attack Timothy was riding down the road with Nichols. Police pulled them over for license plate violation ,But Tim was arrested when the policeman found out that he was holding a concealed hand gun. While he as in the holding cell an anonymous call came through and identified him as one of the bombers. He was then taken into Federal Custody. Eventually, Nichols turned himself in and proceeded with the trail. In April 1997 McVeigh's month long trail had began. At the end of the trail he was convicted with many charges, and was sentenced to death on June 13, 1997.Trail Later on that year his friend Nichols was convicted of conspiracy and eight counts of involuntary man slaughter and was sentenced to a life in prison. Timothy McVeigh was executed June 11, 2001, he was the first federal prisoner to get sentenced to death since 1963.

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He was born April 23, 1968. Ever since he was a small boy he had an interest in guns. He grew up in Pedletown, New York with his parents are first. At the age of 10 his parents divorced. He has two sisters one went to the mother and then one stayed with the father. When he was young ,teachers and classmates remembered him as being very smart , above average at that. They also remember him being very quiet at times but friendly. He wanted to get into a Computer Programming course but, his GPA was not high enough. That's why at the age of 20 he enlisted into the army.He served in the Gulf War as A Bradly fighting vehicle gunner. Fighting in the war he met Terry L. Nichols, they became very close. While being in the Gulf War he received a Bronze Star for bravery. After, the Gulf War he tried to make it into the Special Forces but they didn't accept him so he dropped out of the Army in 1991. He received an honorable discharge because he had a Sergeant's rank. After, leaving the service he moved to Dexter, Michigan. This is where Nichols's lived it was Nichols's older brother's farm. The neighbors told the police that all the time they heard explosions and that whenever they saw Timothy he was always carrying a weapon. September 1944 McVeigh and Nichols started planned out how they could destroy the Alfred P. Murrah building. They collected several tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer which contained fuel oil in it . They blew up this building and killed so many people and 19 children just to get the world back for the disaster that happened at Waco, Texas . They thought they were going to get away with it but everyone eventually gets caught.


There was a couple survivors, one was named Susan Walton. She is so lucky to be alive, but she doesn't remember a thing from the accident. April 1995 Susan was going to college to be an interrupter for the deaf. The day of the bombing she stopped by the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building to drop off a deposit. Then, the very next thing she remembers is waking up in the hospital in a lot of pain.The Next 60 months she had over 25 different surgeries. She had a lower skull fracture, severe nerve damage to both eyes, a ruptured spleen , broken nose, and her jaw was broken in 6 places. She had to re-teach her brain to do everything just as if she was a toddler. The day of Timothy's McVeigh's trial, Susan was away in Denver and her house was burnt down. Many of the survivors didn't like to go to the memorial but Susan liked going there it was the only place she found peaceful. Ten years ago when the bombing occurred her legs were so badly crushed that still today she twitches in pain. She is very fortunate to be alive.