Fashion and Fads of the 90's
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Fads in the 90's :
  • Slap bracelets- Were popular amoung elementary school children in the 90's. Everyone had to have them. They come in a large variety of colors and styles making everyone want to go out an buy a slap bracelet.

  • Exercising- Lot's of people of all ages wanted to be physically fit and in shape. From going to the gym and running on the treamill to running through the neighborhood exercise was what everyone want to do. Eating Fat free foods and food with lots of nutrition helped people reach their goal of becoming "in shape".

  • Cell phones- The newest technology in the 90's had everyone raving. They could call people on a phone and go out side of their house without untangling an annoying cord everytime they moved.

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Mens Fashion in the 90's

Some of the clothes that men wore in the 90's are:
  • Jean Jackets
  • Baggy jeans worn way too low then they should be
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Womens Fashion in the 90's

Overalls were a very popular so called "fashion Statement" in the 90's. A pair of overalls were often paired with a backwards baseball cap.

other clothes worn in the 90's are:
Pants suits
  • fleece jackets
  • Mini-backpacks
  • beat-uo shoes
  • ballet flats
  • Plaid flannel shirts
  • torn jeans
  • layered Tee's
  • babydoll dresses with leggins
  • Blazers
  • Long cardigan coats
  • Baggy, dirty clothes
  • tight T-shirts
  • Corduory pants
  • little league style jerseys

Acsessories/Makeup/hair worn in the 90's:
  • Lip liner
  • Glittery eyeshadow
  • Spiraled curly perms
  • loose long hair with long bangs
  • layered chunky gold chains
  • Henna tatoos
  • chineese hair sticks
  • African Jewelry
  • sparkly barrettes
  • Real tatoos
  • Piercings

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