Music of the 1970s

The 1970s were considered the decade of social changes. It was also referred to a "Golden Age" for fans of any kind of music. Woodstock was basically an example of what was to come in the 1970s.There were genres ranging from progressive rock and heavy metal, to even minimalism. With all of the great music and things that came out of that decade, there were also a downside to all of this. Many famous artists died in the 70s. Some were Jimi Hendrix who died on September 18, 1970, a guitar god to some people. Then there was Janis Jopelan who died on October 4, 1970 and there was Jim Morrison sadly died on July 3, 1971.

Jimi Hendrix

Popular Bands
Bob Marley: This Man made reggae music a major musical genre. His music is still being played today. Artists from today are making studio remix's with his song still today. It's safe to say that he made as big as an impact back then he has today.
Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin in the 70s was probably the biggest heavy rock band of their time. They took rock and roll by storm and some say they made as big of an impact as The Beetles did in the 1960s. They ranged from heavy metal to easy listening with Robert Plants vocals and Jimmy Page's guitar playing.
Punk Rock in the 1970s
Many people in America really weren't too happy when it came to music. England attempted to change the scene and that's when Punk Rock was officially born. The Songs consisted of simple songs with music that captured the decades anger. Punk Rock bands were not worried about how they looked and did not try to charm woman, they were just rebellious and angry people expressing their selves through their music.
Reggae In the 70s
Reggae came along from the Caribean Islands of Jamaica around the same as Punk Rock did. Reggae is music with a point. Reggae was all about peace and being happy. The most famous Reggae artist was by far, the infamous, Bob Marley. Bob Marley is considered the pioneer of reggae music. Marley still makes an impact with his music on many people today.bob-marley.jpg
Bob Marley's Famous Saying "One Love."
Jazz and FusionIIn the 1970s jazz composers were attempting to blend different kinds of music together and were experimenting with the music. Some famous Jazz artists were Miles Davis who fused jazz and rock into his music to make a sound few people have heard before. Then, there was British guitarist, John McLaughlin who also found the group, Mahavishnu Orchestra in the year 1971.Legendary-Miles-Davis.jpg
Miles Davis in the 70s