Fashion and Fads of the 1970's

Picture from, pop culture data base.
Picture from, pop culture data base.

Fashion in the 70's was daring, carefree, and diverse. For women, skirts ranged from being extremely long to short and fabrics on them were bright with very bold patterens. Men wore their shirts tight, their pant legs wide and mustaches long. In 1970 form fitting dresses were in style. In 1971 they wore platform shoes and cheesecloth tops. In 1972 tinted contacts were in style. In 1973 the Afro hair style was really huge and tattoos were also popular. In 1974 people dressed in nice pullover vests. As for 1975, a lot of people broke out the shiny fabric clothes. In 1976 a lot of boys had beards, most of the time shaggy and long. In 1977 people wore flare pants. In 1978 people wore jogging suits. In 1979 designer jeans in different colors were in style. More of the other styles such as the "Hippie" style of dress entered to all the world. 70's fashion was varied and changed very frequently, but every change it had they were always the best, and always wore. Like platform shoes, huge bell-bottom flares, or tight, shiny, disco hot pants.The styles of the 70’s were very different from the clothes and styles we choose to wear today.
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  • punk style
  • Disco style
  • Hippie style
  • Maxis, minis, midis
  • bell bottom flares
  • platform shoes
  • big hair

  • The natural look
  • Jogging suits
  • Pet rocks
  • Demie
  • The 70's

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