Hippies :)

fashions of hippie

LSDLSD is a very strong and powerful drug used by not all but a lot of hippies in the 60's.They used this to become high but as theycalled it "free to be you and love everything." Hippies used LSD at the a lot of parties and others day but druing the three dizzying days there was a lot of drug used druing those three days of fun. LSD was the choice of drugs for hippies.
Hippies on LSD felt very abstacted from the real world

The beginning of the HIPPIE :)Hippies didn't have perfect lives or beginning and here it its. First hippies were all very young people range 15 years to 25 years of age. They
left there families for many reasons some known and some unknown. Hippies wanted to be free and didn't want any war or violence. Also many
were from very wealthy middle class people and therefore many folks didn't like hippies thinking they were spoiled and wasting their lives. But
hippies started as very passionate protesters. Who in some straded from that for many different things such as LSD and other bad drugs.
A Hippie couple at a woolstock concert
a couple on a popular hippie van

Hippie Fun Facts*  The word hippie comes from the word hip with means in style
  • Used the word "square" to explain other not in tune people
  • Most were white and bron during the babyboom
  • Started on college campuses
  • Also known as “Yippies” Youth International Party
  • Lived in a home of many
  • Most were vegetarians
  • Canada and Britain were also involed with hippes
  • There were a few hippies during the Vietnam War
  • all photos from pop culture and google .com