The Beatlesby: Wes Lehman

In The Beginning:
John Lennon and Paul McMartney were in the band "The Quarry man." Then the band met George Harrison. lastly Pete Best was added and the Beatles were set. They debuted in a Liver Pool club called the "the Caver Club." In London 1962 the Beatles met George Martin for the bands first recording session. He kicked out Pete Best for Richard Starkey (Ringo Star). after that the Beatles were off.


Once the Beatles were a hit in England it was time to conquer America. At first America didn't know about the Beatles. Then in January 1964"I want to hold your hand" was debuted and leaped to number one on the singles charts. A month late, Feb.7,1964 the Beatles stepped off a plane onto U.S soil at Kennedy airport in New York. They toured everywhere and in August 1965 Shea stadium packed with 55 thousand people kicked off Beatlemania.

Ending of legends:
What goes up must come down. After fighting and Lennon trying to leave, the Beatles released their last album "let it be." September 1969, the Beatles last U.S concert was held in San Francisco's Candlestick park. It lasted less than 30minutes. The Beatles were officially ended on December 31,1970.
After the Beatles:
Lennon: produced a few more solo album. In December 1980 at age 40 Lennon was shot at his New York apartment.
Harrison: produced a couple solo albums and films. he died in 2001 at age 58 of cancer.
Ringo: released over two dozen albums and films. he still tours today.
McCartney: Started another band called the "wings" with his late wife Linda. He is know as the most successful musician and contemporary song writer in history by Guinness book of world records.


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