The Great Depression

During the time of the Great Depression in the 1932's, banks foreclosed on more than 200,00 farms,homes, and businesses. The average salary was around $1,368. The United States population was 123,188,000 in 48 states. Food prices were very cheap. Having said that, here are some examples {Milk 14 cents a quart, Bread 9 cents a loaf,Round steak 42 cents a pound, and Lynchings $21. } Men and women were thrown out of work and then tons of people went hungry because of not having jobs. The unemployed Americans relied on local relief. Farmers burnt their crops and didn't plant their seeds. The reason being is because of the food prices being so low, no one was able to farm. Many children at play committed suicide or crimes to survive. During the depression, each state provided its own benefits. Around the USA over 60,00 workers lost their jobs every week. President Hoover increased taxes on all imported goods.
The Great Depression Link* Up here is the link that shows you a short clip of Maya Angelou during her times in the Great Depression.

Great Depression Hits GLOBE!!!

  • New York < World Trade Center (WTC)
  • Russia < Human Crisis
  • India < Struggles With Laws
  • America < 50 States At Stake??!!??
  • Britain < Jobs, Life, And Sin STRUGGLE.
  • Berlin, Germany < Cars, Taxes, New Leader?
´╗┐Take A Moment To Look Back And See The Destruction!!??

* After that complete disaster it started hitting the whole globe*. The World Trade Center gets threatened during the 1930's.* Millions of people in Russia die in the 1930's.* In India Gandhi defies British laws. * Businesses close and banks fall, worldwide in a FLASH!* One and a half million workers in Britain have lost their jobs, and struggle to stay alive and well!* In Berlin, Germany many cars that belong to people were stored in garages to avoid getting taxed.
FDR'S Fireside Chat
Check this link out, from FDR himself .

Getting Busy During Great Depression??*Germany*
Adolf Hitler Starts To Take Over Germany!!??!!!
- Starts Genocide and Forms a Group: The NAZIS!!!!
- Blaming Jews, Creating A Massive Destruction.
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Try living like this every day, sleeping in a cardboard box all your life.
Or even try living in a house that is falling apart. Look at what they had to go through.
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