BABE RUTHHome Run King!!

  • This candy bar was name for and after Babe. Is called "BabyRuth"


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Pictured is the old yankees ballpark.This is the ballpark in
which Babe Ruth played in. He himself made this park famous
to come and watch a game at.
Babe Ruth and Wife Claire Archival Photo Sports Poster Print
Babe Ruth and Wife Claire Archival Photo Sports Poster Print

This picture here shows Babe Ruth and his second wife
Claire Ruth.He is what happen with his first wife Helen
Woodford.The two of them got married in 1914.But 12
years later in 1926 they got deviced.Then sometime
after that she died and Babe married this women.

Facts about Babe Ruth
  1. Played for three teams: in order Baltimore Orioles,Boston Red Sox,finished with New York Yankees.
  2. Babe hit a total of 714 home runs in entire career.
  3. stole 50 bases in 1st four seasons with the Yankees.
  4. Season of 1922 Babe was suspended five times "I swing big, with everything I've got.I hit big
5. Born 1895in Baltimore, Maryland. or I miss big.I like to live as big as I can."
- Babe Ruth
"All ballplayers should quit when it starts to feel as if all the
baselines run uphill."- Babe Ruth
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This video is probably one of the best videos you will ever see in your entire life.Why i say that is because this video below here is the video of the famous Babe Ruth hitting his Home Run in which he called it when he stepped up to the plate.Now we know this Home Run as "The Shot". What i mean by him call it is when Babe stepped up to home plate to bat he pointed out to the outfit to where the ball was going to go.And boom there it went!
Pictures are from amazon